Adventure Bike Training

The Adventure Touring Rider Course is for licensed riders who own an Adventure Touring motorcycle and ride it on the street. No off-road experience is required. Adventure Touring riding requires a specific set of skills that are different than riding a street motorcycle or dirt bike. In this course, you’ll learn and practice the basics of handling your motorcycle in off-road conditions and gain the confidence to take on backcountry trails, forestry roads and other basic reduced traction situations. We’ll help you take your ride to places you’ve never gone before.



What Should I Expect?

This 1-day course includes on-bike exercises that will introduce you to new skills needed for Adventure Touring riding. Exercises will include basic control, use or controlled loss of traction under braking and acceleration, standing and pivoting postures, counterweighting, rear wheel steering and surmounting obstacles. Range-side demonstrations and discussions also cover risks, traction, surface conditions, gearing up for the ride, and overall adventure preparation. This course is also a great primer for those interested in a full off-road training or experiences, setting you up for success in those advance off-road riding opportunities. Bring your owner’s manual, and any motorcycle tools and parts you may need for range-side fixes.

What Should I Wear?

Class Gear List

  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants (heavy denim or riding pants recommended)
  • Over-the-ankle boots (sturdy, not canvas, low heel)
  • Eye protection (helmet visor, eye glasses, sun glasses, goggles acceptable)
  • Full-finger gloves (motorcycle specific recommended)
  • DOT-Certified helmet style based on the requirements of your state
  • Other: pads, kidney belts, etc.

*Specific Adventure Touring gear is not required for this course, but it's specially designed for the type of riding you’ll be doing off-road. Here are some benefits of Adventure Touring specific gear:

Helmet: Choose a full-faced helmet. Those featuring a sun visor, room for goggles and an integrated dust filter work the best.

Boots: Over the calf boots provide stability and protection. they can also reduce fatigue from standing for long periods while riding.

Jacket and Pants: Adventure Touring jackets and pants are abrasion resistant and feature pockets for body armor. they are cut to let you move freely in both the standing and seated position.

Gloves: Adventure Touring gloves are vented and abrasion resistant. They’re designed to let your hands move freely because riding off-road may require greater control manipulation than riding on the street.

What Skills Will I Learn?

Basic off-pavement skills include standing postures for straight-line riding, turning and tighter turns. More complex off-pavement skills include rear-wheel steering, crossing over obstacles, irregular terrain and riding on hills.