20 Reasons to Train with Chicago Motorcycle School and Milwaukee Motorcycle School

  1. Students ride the same bike throughout the class, not a Suzuki one day then a different, often smaller bike the next day
  2. Learn to Ride on a 500 cc Harley-Davidson Motorcycle the Street 500
  3. Certified Instructors offering more one-on-one guidance and maximum range time
  4. The convenience factor: sign-up, take the class, test with the state, buy your bike, service your bike, all with us
  5. A complete introduction into the sport of motorcycling, more than just “learn to ride”
  6. Multiple convenient locations throughout the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas
  7. Financing perks through HDFS, making it easier to purchase your first or second motorcycle
  8. The class fee can be included in a financing package with your bike deal
  9. The most class options offered in the area including mid-week
  10. Upon graduation you will become part of THE LARGEST riding family in the Midwest
  11. Small class sizes, personal attention, and hands on riding experience
  12. Our Rider Coaches are certified through MSF, Harley-Davidson and the State of Illinois
  13. Live the “True” Harley-Davidson Experience
  14. An extensive 20+ hour course offering comprehensive classroom and range activities
  15. Our HOG Chapter members are willing to lead rides that will help students gain experience and confidence
  16. Students are invited back to many events and seminars to continue the motorcycle journey
  17. Learning to ride with the Chicago Motorcycle School and Milwaukee Motorcycle School is the best first step in your motorcycle journey
  18. Easy to register for classes at ChicagoMotorcycleSchool.com
  19. Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate staff of riders just like you
  20. We ride rain or shine just like in the real world